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Animal Assisted Therapy Sessions 

We hold our Animal assisted therapy sessions at Bale's Buddies HQ but we are also able to visit clients in the comfort of their own home for one-to-one sessions. When we hold our sessions at Bale's Buddies HQ, we are able also incorporate Bale's Farm Animals into the visit as well if requested. Our activities are based solely around the needs of our client and we choose which activities to do based on what will benefit them the most.


Some families come to us and have a block of sessions to help them assess their families suitability to a dog, they also use them as a tool to see how much it could benefit the intended recipient.


We also offer visits in the community to Schools, Residential Homes and Hospitals.  

We select which Therapy Dog is most suitable for the session whether we are looking at energetic fun and games, or emotional support and cuddles.

We are fully insured and all our staff have undertaken an extended DBS check.

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Therapy Dog visits for the Community 

Many studies have shown that having a Therapy dog present can help reduce depression, anxiety and decrease blood pressure. During visits our Therapy dogs can offer many benefits to all age groups including:

  • Lowering stress levels and blood pressure

  • Taking a person’s mind off of personal problems, pains, worry or anxiety. 

  • Bringing Smiles, Joy and Love.

  • Helping with communication from the comfort of the dog

  • Can provide Deep pressure Therapy

  • Interactive Games where the dog is involved creating a bond. 

Whether it is a visit to a Hospital, School, Family home or Residential, we see smile's light up around the room when they see the dog arrive. We see children increasing their literacy skills as they read stories to our Dog's and children who rarely speak come and greet the dog when we arrive. We see the happy faces of the people we visit and hear the joy in their voices knowing that Our Therapy dog's do make a difference.

Our community  Therapy Dog's


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