Meet our Community dogs 

Our community dogs are task-trained dogs that work with our handlers in a residential, clinical or school setting. Our dogs are trained to do specific tasks in a variety of different situations with it the facility environment of multiple clients. Our community dogs include Bale, Grace, Arthur, Bertie and Mabel 


Whether it is a visit to a Hospital, School, Family home or Residential, we see smile's light up around the room when they see the dog arrive. 


We see the happy faces of the people we visit and hear the joy in their voices knowing that Our Therapy dog's do make a difference.

Bale's story


First up is the one and only, Bale. Bale is our senior Therapy dog with years of experience visiting different settings as well as being a 1-1 Therapy dog for his young person, Harry. 


Bale had so much more to offer alongside his best Buddy Harry that he now goes out into the Community to visit those that need some canine intervention. He never turns down a biscuit or the opportunity to earn one (or two)! He forms bonds quickly and enjoys being around  people. He is full of life and a game of fetch always goes down well! 



Meet Grace. She is our emotional support dog.

She loves to greet people and is always ready for a tummy tickle. Clients love Grace’s energy and her enthusiasm with the activities. She very quickly learns that she is engaging with the client and gives them her complete focus.


Bertie is friendly, intelligent and really good fun to be around. Bertie has a gentle nature, which means he is well-suited for his work within the community. He is full of enthusiasm and loves to learn new tasks, happily engaging in any game or activity with clients of all ages. He is particularly good at agility. This involves going over jumps, through tunnels and weaving through poles.


He loves his role as a Community Dog as it involves being active, meeting lots of new people and visiting new places.



Meet Arthur, our community Therapy dog. He is very calm and laid back but he can be cheeky! He will act on his own initiative during a session which helps to break down barriers and form a bond.

Mabel - Meet our dogs Bales buddies Therapy Dogs


Mabel is such a fun-loving, active dog, who is incredibly intelligent and has a brain that is on the go all of the time. She is a fast learner and finds great enjoyment in trick training. Once she has built a bond with you, she will seek you out for a good snuggle on the sofa and a belly rub.