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Community School Care and Nursing Home SEN Autism Therapy Dog

Bale's Buddies Community Outreach 

Our commitment to community support led us to provide animal-assisted therapeutic aid through our dedicated team of Therapy Dogs. Witnessing the tangible benefits firsthand, such as reducing anxiety and promoting independence, inspired the creation of Bale’s Buddies Therapy Dogs Community Outreach.

Our Community Therapy dogs cater to individuals dealing with mental health issues, additional needs, or requiring emotional support, including the elderly and vulnerable populations. From hospitals to schools, nursing homes to community centers, our dogs visit various settings across Devon. Rest assured, we're fully insured, and our staff has undergone comprehensive DBS checks.

Tailored to each client's needs and abilities, our bespoke animal-assisted wellbeing sessions are adaptable to maximise desired outcomes. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can support you with an animal-assisted wellbeing session.

Bales Buddies Animal assisted Therapy

Therapy Dog visits for the Community 

Many studies have shown that having a Therapy Dog present can help reduce depression, anxiety and decrease blood pressure. During visits our Therapy Dogs can offer many benefits to all age groups including:

  • Lowering stress levels and blood pressure

  • Taking a person’s mind off of personal problems, pains, worry or anxiety. 

  • Bringing Smiles, Joy and Love.

  • Helping with communication from the comfort of the dog

  • Providing Deep Pressure Therapy

  • Interactive Games where the dog is involved with creating a bond. 

What settings do you visit?

Our four-legged team are experienced and qualified Therapy Assistance dogs. They love visiting people in the community including but not limited to:

  • Family homes -  Children living with

 Autism and other additional needs.

  • Hospitals 

  • Schools and education facilities 

  • Care, residential and nursing homes

  • Aged care support

  • Mental health facilities

  • Dementia wards

Our community Therapy Dogs are trained to interact with people in ways that will make you smile, help you forget your worries, be fun, educational and heartwarming.

Bales Buddies School Children Therapy Dog

What is involved in an Animal-Assisted Wellbeing Session?

Experience has taught us that no two clients are the same. During your initial consultation, we will discuss everything we can do with our trained Therapy Dogs so we can tailor visits to meet the specific needs of the individual or group.

Home, residential and hospital visits are matched to the client’s needs, abilities and how they are feeling on that particular day. A visit could include interactive games with the dogs such as hide and seek, peekaboo, tricks and agility to name a few. However, all our dogs are just as happy to be tickled on the belly, brushed and cuddle up with their client. 

They are fully trained in providing emotional support and deep-pressure therapy for those who need it. 

Please visit our page 'Who we help' to see in more detail what a session can include and the many benefits that can come from it. Click here 

Our Community Therapy Dogs

Meet our team of community Therapy Dogs. Click on each below to find out more!






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