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Young child with a black Labrador puppy


Help change a life today

Bale's Buddies is a not for profit organisation and like any not for profit, we rely on donations and fundraising to help us do what we do. To train one Therapy Dog it costs in the region of £35,000, of which we only ask for a contribution from the families we work with. Other subsidies are raised through grant funding applications and fundraising events, however Coronavirus has seriously effected these income avenues. We want to help more people and train more dogs to improve the lives of more children and families affected by some of the most challenging of conditions by continuing to provide our services.

In the last few months, we have had enquiries from a number of individuals and organisations, including a secure children’s home, nursing homes, individual families, all asking for our support, but are unable to afford our services which we are unfortunately not in a position to provide for free. With our growing passion, we want to be able to help all these people regain the confidence and social skills back to engage them back into society or receive the comfort they need for personal development. Therefore we are looking for funding to be able to provide these services at no cost to the community. For every £70 raised, we will be able to provide an hour session to a vulnerable person, giving them the support they need. Your contributions are vital to our organisation and mean you can help enhance the lives of those who need it. If you would like to support our organisation please donate via our Go fund me page - all donations are gratefully received. 

However if you would to prefer to donate via other means please do get in touch with us either by phone, email or via our Facebook page.

Would your company be interested in sponsoring Bale's Buddies Therapy Dogs? Please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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