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How can I be a responsible dog owner?


February is, no doubt, the month of love. Aside from Valentine’s Day, Responsible Pet Owners Month is also celebrated to acknowledge the existence of our beloved pets. Having a pet is an absolute privilege, and should be treated as such! Being a pet owner also comes with a lot of responsibilities - be sure that you are providing the best quality of care to your pet - whether they be scaly, feathery, fluffy or even hairless!

Being a responsible dog owner means looking after your dogs physical and emotional well-being. Below are our guidelines to being a responsible dog owner: - Regular excercice - Schedule annual check ups - If your dog does its business on property that is not yours, you must clean it up immediately. - Spay, neuter and vaccinate your pets. - Identify your pets with a collar and a tag. - Always feed your pets with good and healthy foods. Make sure they always have fresh water to drink! - Making sure your dogs are trained and socialised. - Above all, love your pets and make them part of your family.

It is also #NationalDogWalkingDay and this lines up with the month perfectly well! Regular exercise is super important so make sure you give your dogs that exercise they need! Quick question.. If you were to let your dog lead the way on your daily walk, where would you two end up? Let us know in the comments


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