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How does your dogs diet effect their behaviour?

Food, food, food.. There are so many options to choose from! Many of us know the importance of a dogs diet.

Sometimes you may find some foods don’t work for your dog and need to change. A hyperactive pooch can be tiring for everyone in the house, except for maybe the dog himself. Fortunately, for most overactive dogs, some simple changes to diet and exercise can make life much more calm. The right balance of good-quality nutrition can decrease your dog's levels of stress as well as be calmer and more relaxed. By providing the proper nutrition their body needs, your dog will have less of a tendency to exhibit unwanted behaviors.

Most animal nutritionists agree that a well-balanced, healthy canine diet should contain only high-quality ingredients, with no extras like food coloring, unspecified animal by-product or chemical preservatives.

Become a label reader and do your research so that you are confident that you’re not fuelling your dog’s behaviour problems with a poor diet. Should you decide to change your dog’s diet, make those changes over a 7-10 day period so that you fade out the old and increase the new over that period.

There are also a few other factors to consider when feeding your pooch, including: - The Importance of the Feeding Location (A quiet and relaxed area). - A Set Routine for Feeding - Good Manners Surrounding Mealtimes (You can ask for a brief sit and wait, then place the bowl on the floor and get them to wait a few seconds before release)


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