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It's National Therapy Animal day. Meet Bale!

Today is #NationalTherapyAnimalDay, and what better way to celebrate than with the one, the only... Bale! If you don't already know him, then let us introduce you.

Bale is certified as a Therapy Assistance dog with years of experience, so he is able to make special visits to schools, hospitals and hospices but firstly tends to the needs of his young person, Harry as his 1-1 Therapy dog. He has such a caring, loving and affectionate personality which brings smiles and joy to everyone in the room that he meets. So, in short, the perfect Therapy Dog!

Bale has been working as a Therapy Dog from 10 weeks of age and has excelled in his training since the very beginning! He had so much more to offer alongside his best buddy, Harry, that he now goes out into the Community to visit those that need some canine intervention. He never turns down a biscuit or the opportunity to earn one (or two)! He forms bonds quickly and enjoys being around people. He is full of life and a game of fetch always goes down well! He truly embodies the contribution that animals make to human lives, and the wonderful work of therapy animals.

Want a visit from Bale on a Therapy session? Contact us by phone or visit our website at


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