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Meet Ellie and Bailey

Ellie is one of our Senior Trainees who joined the Bale's Buddies team in 2018. She assists her family living with Autism, Epilepsy and other associated disabilities. Mum, Becky, says "Ellie has made a huge difference to Baileys life. She got Bailey up on his feet and walking more out in public"

"Also, since having Ellie, Bailey has started to talk and is more sociable as he likes to talk to everyone he meets! Bailey doesn't have many meltdowns and if he does Ellie comes to the rescue and calms him very quickly."

"Moreover, Ellie helps Bailey when he’s had a seizure providing deep pressure therapy and she will also lick his feet or face which brings him around. Bailey use to struggle with bathing but now he loves to get in with Ellie! She has such a huge difference in our family as we are able to do so much more together."


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