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National Dog Therapy Appreciation Day

National Dog Therapy Appreciation Day AND National Pet Day

Today is National pet day as well as National Dog Therapy Appreciation Day. Our canine pals are truly wonderful companions, who do some very important work!

Therapy dogs help lower blood pressure, promote healing, provide emotional support, and help people cope with anxiety, fear, or depression. Our furry friends are also wonderful at providing comfort and companionship to people of all backgrounds in a variety of settings, and today is an opportunity to recognise and honour them. What are the benefits of Dog Therapy?

Physical Health Benefits of Dog Therapy

  • Reduces blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health

  • Releases stress-fighting hormones

  • Improves engagement in physical therapy

  • Encourages language and communication among autistic children

Mental Health Benefits of Dog Therapy

  • Produces an automatic relaxation response that can elevate mood

  • Lowers anxiety and promotes relaxation

  • Reduces loneliness and depression

  • Increases mental stimulation

Here’s to the furry friends that are always caring, affectionate and bring joy to people in need. We would like to say a huge thank you to all our hardworking Therapy Dogs!


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