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Public access: Therapy dogs

Many autistic people need a lot of support to be able to access public places, or may be unable to go out at all.

Our Therapy Assistance Dogs support their handlers by assisting in the areas that cause difficulties. Our dogs start training from a young age to help desensitise them to all different environments and surroundings so they can support their handler. Accessing public places can cause autistic people to experience anxiety, sensory overload, and meltdowns; our Therapy Assistance Dogs are able to assist with this through the tasks they are trained to provide (such as Deep Pressure Therapy and meltdown response) and through sensory regulation.

With the help of their Assistance Dog, our handlers can access public places with the reassurance of having their dog by their side. This reassurance helps the handler to build their confidence in accessing public places, enabling the handler to become more independent!

For more information on our Therapy Assistance Dogs and how to apply, please contact us at


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