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What are the health benefits owning a dog?

The health benefits owning a dog can bring are more than you could imagine. It's #WorldHealthDay and numerous studies have shown that having a dog companion can lead to better heart health, reduced stress levels, lower rates of depression and many more positive effects. The simple act of cuddling and playing with a dog can raise oxytocin levels, which decreases blood pressure and lowers stress, anger and depression.

Furthermore, as they need to be walked, they help facilitate positive behaviours like exercise, social interaction and daily routine. They provide unconditional love, companionship, and a sense of responsibility for someone other than one’s self.

And don't forget your dog's health is just as important of course! A healthy dog is a happy dog To keep your dog healthy ensure daily walks, nutritional food, health checks, vaccinations, socialisation and play time. Did you know that walking your dog benefits YOU and your dog’s health? So get out and get your pup moving!


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