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Why is Mat Training useful for your dog?

Mat training is important for dogs to learn so they can relax, lie down, and have time on their own. For our Therapy Dogs, It's especially important for them to do this when in a school setting so that during lessons, they can settle down without distracting the pupils from their learning and still be present in the room for when they are needed.

What are the benefits of mat training?

Mat training can teach your dog to be more relaxed. The mat can be a useful for similar situations such as:

- Your dog jumps up on guests

- Your dog dashes for the door when it opens

- Your dog goes is food-obsessive when you aren’t in the room.

- Your dog begins begging while you’re eating or making dinner

- Your dog gets over-excited when the doorbell rings.

All these scenarios (and many more) can be addressed via mat-training.


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