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World Autism Acceptance Week

This week marks #WorldAutismAcceptanceWeek (28th March - 3rd April) which means a lot to us here at Bale's Buddies. It highlights that autism isn't a disease, which is sometimes the stigma that it has and that even if you are on the spectrum, you are still very much a part of society.

Autism is a complex neurological disorder that impacts the regular development processes. It causes an impairment in social interaction, communication, restricted interests and repetitive behaviour.

Having Autism doesn't mean that, that person won't succeed in life. It means they are gifted, and have the potential to do things that others can't due to hidden talents and strengths. Our Therapy dogs are there to support that person along their way to achieve their dreams by supporting them through their day-to-day lives with communication, emotional support, going out in public or making friends to name a few.

Donate today to help our future life-changers!


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