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Golden Retriever Therapy Dog

Who we help?

Our Therapy dogs provide companionship to people living in residential care who may feel isolated, confused and lonely. We support schools to help young people improve their literacy skills and encourage confidence and concentration in the classroom. Our hospital visits can aid a patient’s recovery and rehabilitation and help improve mental health and wellbeing. Our workplace visits can be hugely beneficial to help de-stress with that much needed canine company 

Portuguese Water Dog Therapy Dog with a young person

(Inc. Home Visits)

Our therapy dogs are trained to lovingly interact with people of all circumstances and abilities. In fact, we often find that the dogs intuitively understand how to approach and interact with clients. The visits are led by one of our experienced animal assisted therapists, and each visit is tailored to meet a client’s requirements, abilities and health. 

A visit can include: 

  • Backyard off-leash play 

  • Taking the dogs out for a walk 

  • Meeting at a park 

  • Patting and stroking

  • Quiet time to relax and cuddle the dogs

  • Playing ball 

  • Teaching them a trick

  • Watching Louise and the dogs perform tricks

A few of the benefits can inlucde:

  • Improved social skills

  • Sensory support

  • Building friendships and a social bridge

  • Lowering stress levels and anxiety

  • Help promote positive changes in the child’s behaviour

If you are visiting Bales Buddies HQ for your session, we are able to incorporate our farm animals where we hold over 30 Anials, large and small.  This includes Horses, a Miniature Pony, Goats, Rabbits and more! 


From experience, we know that when a Therapy Dog enters the room they bring happiness and light to all they meet. Our dogs have a wonderful ability to sense just what a patient/resident needs as they are professionally trained in reacting to triggers and other signs of anxiety.

Our Therapy visits are bespoke to suit your needs, capabilities and desires.

A visit can include: 

  • Meeting and greeting patients/residents

  • Taking the dogs for a walk 

  • Deep pressure Therapy and Emotional Support 

  • Fun games and tricks!

  • Patting and stroking

  • Quiet time to relax and cuddle the dogs

  • Playing ball 

  • Teaching them a trick or watch them preform tricks 

an older lady with Grace, a black Portuguese water dog therapy dog sat on a sofa
Complete guide to Therapy dogs
Complete guide to Therapy dogs


We believe every child has the right to leave school having achieved their reading level potential and the other enormous benefits that school environments provide.  School can however be stressful at times especially for those with Autism or other additional needs. Our therapy dogs can help to raise a pupil's reading standard, boost their self-confidence, improve concentration levels and behavioural problems and build friendships . The visits can have a positive impact on a child's educational, social and emotional welfare.  


Exam periods can be extremely stressful for students of all ages. Our Therapy dogs can provide Deep pressure therapy to help de-stress and boost Oxytocin levels. Visits can include:

  • Agility

  • Interactive Games such as Hide and seek, Find the treat, Tag etc.

  • Reading 

  • Team building games 

  • Arts and crafts 

  • Deep pressure therapy 

  • Emotional support 

  • Patting, stroking and belly tickling

  • Tricks and ball games 

  • Quiet time to relax and cuddle the dogs

Having a dog present in the classroom promotes a positive mood and provides significant anti-stress effects on the body, reducing anxiety and depression which in turn enables the children to focus on learning. Recent research has also proven that, the presence of a therapy dog in a school setting has also been linked to improvements in students attendance, confidence levels and increased motivation to participate in learning activities from the simple act of having a four-legged friend by the students side.


Work can be stressful and overwhelming  at times especially in fast paced environments. Studies have shown that stress reduces productivity but with the help of one of our therapy dogs loving boost, they can help increase productivity as the stress diminishes. With a visit from one of our trained Therapy Dogs in your workplace, we can help provide many benefits through Animal Assisted Therapy. Just some of the benefits our Therapy dogs can provide, include:

  • Reducing stress

  • Encouraging team bonding 

  • Boosting morale 

  • Creating a unique and memorable shared event 

Sessions are modified to your environment and can include:

  • Patting, stroking and belly tickling

  • Tricks and ball games 

  • Personal desk-to-desk visits

  • Deep pressure Therapy to help de-stress

Bale's story
Teaching Tricks


As we become older our social circles can get much smaller. A spouse may have passed away and with modern families being more dispersed, it is easy to become isolated. Therapy Dogs usually offer therapy in a range of settings, including retirement living, community care, residential aged care homes, hospices, rehabilitation centres, and in a senior’s own home. 


Some of the other benefits of Therapy Dogs with the elderly include:

  • Improved motor skills and joint movement

  • Reduced feelings of depression

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Reduced loneliness

  • Improved verbal communication

  • Reduced levels of boredom

  • Reduced levels of anxiety

Who can we help?

Who else can benefit from Therapy dogs? 

As the main aim for Therapy Dog’s is to provide love, affection and comfort, everyone can benefit from their companionship, in particular:


· Someone who feels lonely, anxious or is dealing with other mental health problems.

· People with chronic illnesses, heart conditions or arthritis

· Patients recovering from surgery

· A person suffering from grief

· Someone living with dementia

· Patients undergoing treatment for cancer 

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