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Meet our Therapy Dogs 

Our Community Therapy Dogs are task-trained and work with our handlers in various settings. Whether it is a visit to hospitals, schools, family homes, or residential facilities, our Community Therapy Dogs bring happiness, improve overall wellbeing and and wellness to those they visit. We are proud to witness our Therapy Dogs making a difference.  

Breed: Labrador

Birthday: 24th March

Age: 8 years


Bale is our senior Therapy dog and has years of experience visiting different settings. He also works as a 1-1 therapy dog for his young person, Harry. 

Bale never turns down a biscuit or the opportunity to earn one (or two)! He forms bonds quickly and enjoys being around people. Bale is great at providing emotional support, whether this means using deep pressure therapy to help a person through an anxiety attack, or just providing a general cuddle to help with relaxation and provide a calming effect.


Meet Grace. Grace is our emotional support dog, whose main skill is providing deep pressure therapy, reducing anxieties, and providing relaxation. This makes her perfect for those who may not have experience being around dogs, are a bit wary, but want to interact with a dog. 


She loves to greet people and is always ready for a tummy tickle. Grace quickly learns that she is engaging with the client and gives them her complete focus.

Grace is a gentle dog that likes strokes and scratches on her chest, under her chin and just above her tail. She likes to poke her nose under your arm unexpectedly for fuss at times too! People tend to instantly take to Grace. She has such a natural way of making people feel like they are the most important person in the room.


Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

Birthday: 10th April

Age: 5 years

Arthur_portrait (1).png

Breed: Labrador

Birthday: 17th September

Age: 4 years


Arthur is affectionate and laid back. He will act on his own initiative during a session which helps to break down barriers and form a bond. Arthur loves to learn new tasks, happily engaging in any game or activity with clients of all ages. He is particularly good at agility which involves going over jumps, through tunnels and weaving through poles. 

Most of all he is affectionate and particularly likes physical contact. He loves to lean against you and rest his head in your lap and will sit calmly while being stroked or brushed. He loves his role as a Community Therapy Dog, as it involves being active, meeting lots of new people and visiting new places.


 In Training 

Peach is our smallest Community Therapy Dog, but that doesn't stop her from making a BIG impact. 

She loves to be held, cuddled and stroked and has quickly become a favourite with younger children and those who are immobile, due to her smaller size and being lightweight. Peach is confident and always happy to meet new people. She quickly builds a bond and snuggles into the people that she meets.  


Breed: Dachshund

Birthday: 28th June

Age: 9 Months


Breed: Dachshund

Birthday: 7th October

Age: 6 Months


 In Training 

The newest member of the team, meet Slinky!

Slinky is people orientated and loves to be close and build a bond with those he meets. Whether that is being held and cuddled or learning new tricks, he shows a great level of focus and engagement.  

Specialising in emotional support, this little puppy is calm and gentle, helping people to relax and overcome anxieties. Spending time with Slinky is sure to brighten anyones day. 

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