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Dog Training Education

February is Dog Training Education Month! Training your dog is not always a smooth process, it can take time to find the right methods that work for you. It comes with many benefits and does not only just help with good behaviour, but it also strengthens the bond with your dog

As we know dogs live in the moment and thats why training with rewards is the best way to encourage our pups to behave the way we would like them to.

Positive reinforcement can include treats and affection, and should be immediate after the disarable behaviour occurs.

- Keep the training short, simple and fun! (Our goal is for the dog to realise that good things happen when when they're obedient). - We want to reward our pooches with treats to start with followed by affection or verbal praise. However, overtime we want to wean the dog off the treats, and reward them with affection! - Remember to be consistent. We want to have a set of rules for our pup and everyone in the household needs to follow the same script and reinforce the positive behaviour. When everyone is on the same page, dogs are less confused and learn a lot faster

What tricks has your pooch learned recently?


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