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Why is sleep so important for my dog?

Remember the importance of sleep. Dogs need 12-16 hours of sleep per day, depending on their age and may need more sleep when they are physically, mentally or emotionally tired. Dogs will only spend around 5 hours a day active, and the rest either asleep or resting. Their sleep is split up into various naps during the day, rather than one long stretch of sleep

Often we may suddenly expect our dogs to be awake for long stretches of time, for example : at a daycare, on holiday or during festive periods when family and friends are here. ( If your dog goes to daycare full time, ensure at least half of that visit is dedicated to sleep, or you may find problem behaviours will develop).

This can lead to tiredness and behavioural changes as just like us, dogs have a lower tolerance for frustration when tired and may be grumpier than usual. Tiredness can also cause excessive barking, destructive behaviour and chronic stress.

If you have a busy household, it's a good idea to provide your dog their own quiet space to sleep, where they will be left alone. Also be mindful that if your dog is used to an hour's walk a day, suddenly doubling or tripling that may not be in their best interest. Remember working on any behaviour involves ensuring all your dogs needs are met : emotional needs, diet, sleep and excercise. And once all these basic needs are being met, only then can training be beneficial.


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