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How do Therapy Dogs help children with autism be more active?

One of the many benefits our Therapy Assistance Dogs can have is helping their handler to be more active and spend more time outdoors!

Going outdoors can be very difficult for autistic people due to overwhelming sensory input, low motivation, and potential social interaction. It can be even more difficult if the place is unknown, making the trip less predictable.

Our Therapy Assistance Dogs can help their handler to go outdoors by providing sensory regulation, and by performing their bespoke set of tasks when the handler needs them to. Each of our Assistance Dogs will also need daily exercise for their own health and wellbeing, and this will help to provide structure and predictability - helping to lessen anxiety.

With this help, the Therapy Assistance Dog can help to provide their handler with the support and confidence they need to be able to access outdoor areas to exercise, which helps their handler to lead a healthier lifestyle


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